Success Stories


Held in ‘the most iconic hotel in Dubai’, Nas Summit was created by one of the world’s biggest content creators Nas Daily. Basically, a 3-day conference, created by creators, for creators.

Running from March 17-19, the Nas Summit gathered some of the world’s most followed content creators, including 50 speakers and 700 attendees, to discuss the right way to monetize and develop content creation.

With a limited seat of 1000, Brainbean Technolabs managed to be one amongst the 1000s.

Huge creators from all over the world, like @mostlysane, @jordanmatter and @wil_dasovich were pipped to attend.

Representatives for Facebook, Snap and Instagram were there too – the ultimate giants of the content and social media industry. Imagine networking with these giants who make up so much of our content industry today- astonishing isn’t it?

To add-on there were educational sessions and networking ops, coupled with big parties every night, FILLED with creators and investors! And all the smart people we could think of…

From 30-years content creation journey of @jordanmatter to @caseyneistat take on how to be better learner and fast grower every day, to @nasdaily talk on power of social media platforms and the future for content creators.

It was such an insightful session!

Our founder and Director, Dhruvik Patel was a part of all of it and more. His experience there was something that words would not justify. We can proudly say Brainbean Technolabs has made its mark beyond India.

This was the beginning of a journey we could never have dreamed of otherwise. NAS Summit, 2022 was our chance at success. A 6-year-old company with big dreams and an even bigger opportunity in front of us – it’s only above and upward from here on.